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technology and outpace the other powder
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Company Profile

  • Corporate name


  • Headquarters address

    2-2-1, Shimotsuruma, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa, 242-0001

  • Legal representative

    Tomofumi Moriyama


    TEL 046-261-5006 / FAX 046-264-0896

  • Establishment date


  • Registered capital

    JPY 12,000,000

  • Certificate

    ISO 9001 / ISO 14001

  • Floor space


  • Area of structure


  • Business scope

    Research and development, production and
    marketing of phosphor materials.
    Research and development, production and
    marketing of chemical materials.
    And the incidental business of the above.

President’s oration

The company’s founder, my father, Mr. Fumikazu Moriyama, has been studying phosphors since the 1940s.
At that time, he had a sober recognition that “lighting must be the foundation of all industrial cultures” and held a firm view that “peaceful society comes from light”, which served as our original aspiration.
From that time, we have been committed to the research and production of phosphor materials for fluorescent lamps.
Since 2010, the lighting industry has evolved rapidly from mercury-free fluorescent lamps to mercury-free LED out of environmental concerns.
Whether phosphor lamps, LED, or other new needs, we will continue to work tirelessly to meet the fine differentiation needs of the phosphor market.
We have expanded our new business areas, starting with the heat treatment of all kinds of powder processing business since 1995.
As the “powder pillar” with the above two pillar products, we promise to provide the best powder products to all kinds of requirements.
We have always adhered to a firm belief, that is, “return for your trust with the premium quality”!
Thank you for your encouragement, and look forward to your more return consumption. I will very appreciate it!

Technology introduction

Blessed with deep and profound technology in the field of optical technology, we have always given priority to technology research and development, reflecting the overarching goal of “to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength”. In the inception of phosphor industry in Japan, we began to produce halogen phosphors in bulk, then rare earth
phosphors for trichromatic phosphor lamps, and led-based lighting and new types of phosphors for optoelectronic devices.
Based on the experience and technology accumulated for many years, we continue to improve and carry on research and development for advancing and evolving phosphor types.
We have been committed to the development of our own core equipment for the most critical process of phosphor synthesis, and we have developed and improved the most ideal sintering furnace.
The phosphor production process we developed independently can also be applied to the processing needs of other kinds of powder products. We provide a full range of powder processing services for the needs of all walks of life, the various post-treatment technologies and processes of powder high-temperature treatment (gas medium roasting, etc.) can meet the synthetic processing of various powders.
Whether it is a sample in grams or a mass production in tons, we use our independent technology to meet the needs of all sizes in respond with a positive attitude.
As a professional manufacturer, this is our proud craftsman spirit.

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